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September 23, 2012 09:17 AM PDT

I think it's pretty obvious by now that there's not been a lot of POHD-CAHST episodes in a long time. I've been dedicating my time towards research and study, that and I've been unable to find anybody interested enough in joining me in the podcasting team that will give me the spark to continue.

I had the intention to produce five series, with the occasional special. However, I seemed to have stalled at Series 3. Sorry about this.

I hope to start again from scratch, but concentrate less on the speech parts of the episodes and just do lots of music, with small soundbites regarding the sound chip or console.

Series 3: Episode 3 - Sega Master System [TI SN76489; 3ch square + 1ch noise mono] + [YM2413; 9ch FM / 6ch FM + 5ch noise mono]
October 23, 2011 08:59 AM PDT

Finally, I can release the Master System episode!

Released in the mid-80s, the Sega Master System was a modest failure in Japan and the US, yet managed to last a decent nine years in Europe - all because of the right software, the right distribution method and the lack of a Nintendo monopoly in video game technology. The soundchip used was a modest 3-channel chip, with Japan using an additional chip to create the best music, but I'll still try and please you all with the best all three countries had to offer.

SG-1000 adverts - Sega of Japan
Hidden Track - Hang On - Sega
Title - Space Harrier [TI] - Hiroshi Miyauchi and Tokuhiko 'Bo' Uwabo
Main Theme - Space Harrier [TI] - Hiroshi Miyauchi and Tokuhiko 'Bo' Uwabo
Underwater - Alex Kidd in Miracle World - Tokuhiko Uwabo
Galaxy Zone - Astro Warrior - Sega
Main Theme - Bubble Bobble - Taito
Game Over - The Flash - Jeroen Tel
Title Screen - Bomber Raid - Sega
Master System advert - Sega of Japan
Phantasy Star advert - Sega of Japan
Master System advert - Sega of America ["The ultimate video game"]
US Toys'R'Us Master System advert [Geoffery has a stroke]
Master System advert - Sega of America ["Some game sound exaggerated"]
Hidden Level - James Pond II - Richard Joseph
Scrap Brain Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog - Yuzo Koshiro
French Master System advert
Title Screen - The Flash - Jeroen Tel
Title Screen - Cosmic Spacehead - Allister Brimble and Lyndon Sharp
Title Screen - Alien3 - Matt Furniss
UK Toys'R'Us Master System advert
Last Wave - Outrun 3-D [FM] - Hiroshi Miyauchi
R-Type FM - Irem
Main Theme/Mark III BIOS - Space Harrier [FM] - Hiroshi Miyauchi and Tokuhiko Uwabo
Eye of Motabia - Phantasy Star - Sega [Many thanks to Kohina for this]
Africa - The Smurfs Travel The World - Infogrames
All I Want [Crazy Taxi] - Crazy Taxi SMS remix - Otobeya + Offspring
Title - Sega Chess - Matt Furniss

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jva4hKxA8Bg - Astro Warrior, Hang On
http://www.youtube.com/user/otobeya#p/u/47/Bl8YPJ993oI - All I Want
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voI64M02yhU - Bubble Bobble
Space Harrier* [BIOS]: 2ZQjiHKhQg0
Japan adverts: iImQcL5Vs-g, HXKrEqhUuaA, wtZ22wXPR0g
US advert: LQ7av32L4bc, 7lJw3MlaUmo, zPNMfUdvGvE
Europe adverts: X2G3cDfPM3E, yBn6nZzV7II, g3t3dxCZ5Do
FM vs non-FM: zWc9DxgbnT4

Thanks to http://www.smspower.org/Music/Index !

Despite me saying that it was a stereo chip, it's actually mono - sorry >.<

POHD-CAHST! Christmas Special [1959-2009]
December 08, 2010 05:14 AM PST

This Master System episode is taking far too long to produce >.< So, as some form of compensation, I am going to offer you an episode connected to Christmas. This is something that I've been meaning to do for some time. Christmas is well known in Video Game Land, and there have been plenty of quick cash-ins to take advantage of a game that you'd pay full-price for, but never play 11 months out of 12.

Spanning 50 years of chipmusic, I hope to offer some nice music to set up your festives.

The PodOMatic version is abridged - an extended version [with an extra 11mins of footage, plus better quality] is available on: http://www.simbaspaws.org/ggeudraco/POHD-CAHST/POHD-CAHST-Christmas128k.mp3 . This 128kps version will only be available for a short time, then it'll be reduced to 64kps.

  Kenner Milkie the Milking Cow Commercial - stblRudM-4I   American Toys Dick Tracy Raygun Commercial - 1k5Xs5LBXGI   Icon Software Merry Xmas Santa ZX     Wayne Eastwood Commodore 64 Christmas Album C64   * ???? O Tannenbaum BBC iQjHvM8pZ6U   TeddyWareZ XMAS 2003: Snowfall Demo MSX2 f81L5tNXOyk   ???? VIC 20 Christmas Demo VIC20 FQFozl_Bnt0 * K. Kondo, H. Shimizu Super Mario 64 - Snow Mountain N64 kI8jT7LmoNA   ???? Home Alone GG V6FuCGlRc3E   Janet Norman I've Got a Secret - Bendix G15 music demo G15 DJolOHBikQY   Carampuc Merry Christmas Demo AD1989 XL G4IMVgGt0WE   Richard Joseph James Pond 2 - Intro Theme AMI dOFvxcfDEJo   ???? Die Hard - Ode to Joy PCE 103BrqXAjVk   ???? Jingle Bells Type-In CC3 8r8VJkKSzN0 * Spectral Associates CoCo3 Christmas Demo CC3 VUJWtyaS55w * Sega Master System Christmas - 8Y3f9PsmQBQ * Atari ET Christmas - rEa86gwM2Ko * Radio Shack Tandy CoCo3 Christmas - a3dtQ01MFlg * Pepsi Nintendo Christmas Game - -owoUqLkxbw * Spectral Associates CoCo3 Christmas Demo CC3 VUJWtyaS55w   Sonic Team Chrismas NiGHTS - Gillwing's Christmas Theme SAT ro-3H_9QJUY   The Gimmer Brothers Santa's Xmas Caper CPC     AtariAge Stella's Stocking Medley VCS   * Robert A. Allen, Joshua Jensen Jazz Jackrabbit (Holiday Hare 1995) - Holidaius Day PC 4axQL47J4Oc   Psygnosis Christmas Lemmings (1991) PC     MJJ/Sonic Team Sonic 3 - Ice Cap Zone SMD     Soichi Terada, Keiichi Nishimoto, Koichi Yamazaki Ape Escape - Snow Mountain PSX mccPJd4SLCI   Buena Vista Interactive Nightmare Before Christmas: Pumpkin King - Credits GBA     Hitoshi Sakimoto, Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Snow Dancing in the Schoolyard GBA   <!--[if supportMisalignedColumns]-->           <!--[endif]-->

YouTube codes on the right of the table!
Sid Oakvalley - www.6581-8580.com
Pouet - www.pouet.net
AtariAge - www.atariage.com
DOSBox - www.dosbox.com
TACGR - tacgr.emuunlim.com
Lemmings Universe - www.lemmingsuniverse.net

Stereo podcast, due to stereo soundchips!

Series 3: Episode 2 - Commodore VIC 20 [VIC (MOS6560) 3ch square + 1ch noise; mono]
April 25, 2010 05:29 PM PDT

The VIC 20 launched the concept of the home microcomputer by offering them a cheap box of plastic that connected to the TV, made pretty sounds and drew pretty pictures. With time, they'd learn the BASIC programming language, then get into Assembler, and then the whole world became better bedroom programmers. The adults would hook up to the bulletin boards and business servers, doing real-time sharedealing, budgeting and running the world using acoustic coupler equipment.

Then the Commodore 64 came along a year later, and the VIC 20 was obsolete, with Quantum Link was the replacement for the working stuff. Meanwhile, in the UK, there was a battle going on over what computer the BBC would choose for its Computer Literacy Project.

S3E2 Playlist

  VIC 20 'Interview' Commercial   Mermaid/Creators Giana Sisters   Mermaid/Creators Monty on the Run Highscore bkg Mermaid/Creators Last Ninja 2 (One of the levels)   TLR Datapop bkg 4MAT/ORB Orbtraxx Track 1   4MAT/ORB Orbtraxx Track 4   4MAT/ORB Orbtraxx Track 7 bkg 4MAT/ORB Orbtraxx Track 0 bkg   Games Unlimited VIC 20 Commercial     William Shatner VIC 20 Commercial     VIC 20 'Controls' Commercial     VIC 20 'College' Commercial   Atarisoft Ms Pac-Man   Atarisoft Pole Position   Atarisoft Donkey Kong   Bally Midway Omega Race     ???? bkg Anders Persson Tribbles 8K   PWP Future 1999   PWP Robotic Warrior   PWP Robotic Liberation   System IIII Realms of Quest III (That Bach thing) bkg System IIII Realms of Quest III (Moonlight Sonata) bkg Commodore VIC Rat Race bkg Daniel Kahlin & Andreas Ersson Machine (VIC-Tracker + Modern Synth)   Glen Richards Frogger '07  

With thanks to:
Various YouTube videos that inspired my choice of music
Pouet - www.pouet.net
VIC Tracker - http://www.kahlin.net/daniel/victracker/

Stereo podcast because of the mono soundchip, but the stereo VIC-Tracker!

Series 3 of POHD-CAHST: Coming April 2010
March 18, 2010 05:00 PM PDT

I gauge from the fact that my podcast has gone over the monthly quota for the first time, that I have quite a lot of interest. Let me explain what Series 3 will contain:

Halloween Podcast [already published] - The concept of ghosts, horror and thrilling scary plots has been common throughout the history of video games. I offer a small mix of the history of video game music from the Atari VCS to the PS2 [which still has elements of MOD/MIDI within its advanced chipset].

Commodore VIC 20 [VIC6560] - "The computer of the 1980s" was one of the first chances for a normal family to get into the world of computers. With a simplistic graphical capability and a basic sound generator, this system is a worthy challenge for various chipmusic composers, and submissions are still sent to this day to push the limits of the 3.5kb unexpanded unit.

Sega Master System [TI SN76489] - Sega's first venture into the console world outside of Japan was the lesser of the two 8-bit consoles that dominated the 80s and early 90s. It didn't help that the system outside of Japan was packed without the FM synthesis chip that placed it on a par with its successor...

Sega Mega Drive [YM2612] - Not only did it contain the combination of FM synthesis and traditional square-wave audio, but it was the last console to use the formerly dominant Z80 CPU [used as a sound controller]. The music worked exteremly well, with many popular tunes still in modern culture today. However, don't use it to sample raw audio *ack!*

POHD-FLIP 3! - I make mistakes, so time for another rundown and addendum to the whole thing.

Keep updated with the RSS feed, email or IM requests and fanmail. See you in April for the first second episode.

- GG EuDraco!

Series 3: Episode 1 - Halloween Special [Atari VCS to PlayStation 2]
October 30, 2008 06:39 PM PDT
Milky EikoSplatterhouse 3 [Title]SMDTengenDragon's Fury [06]SMDAtariGhost ManorVCSPaul NormanBeyond Forbidden Forest [Title]C64Paul NormanForbidden Forest [Exploration]C64Richard JosephCauldron II [Title]ZXPocket StudiosAlone in the Dark: The New Nightmare [Title]GBCH. MaezawaCastlevania 3 [Title]NESMasahiko KimuraCastlevania 64 [Credits]N64AtariHalloweenVCSAkira FujiwaraMetroid Fusion [Introduction]GBAid SoftwareDoom [Sign of Evil]SNESMasami UedaDevil May Cry [Destroyer of Ardor]PS2Masami UedaResident Evil 2 [The Front Hall]PSXMasami UedaResident Evil 2 [The Second Malformation of G]PSXMichiru YamaneCastlevania Bloodlines [Vision of Dark Secrets]SMSJonathan DunnAliens [In Game]CPCSunny BlueSkyesNight Trap [Theme]MCDKouji NiikuraClock Tower [Clock]SNESKouji NiikuraClock Tower [Ending]SNES With Thanks To: Audacity - http://audacity.sourceforge.net Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org AtariAge - www.atariage.com Castlevania Credits - www.vgmuseum.com/mrp/NewCV/cvlib-credits.htm#cvbl Zophar's Domain - www.zophar.net GameFAQs - www.gamefaqs.com
Olympic Special: 1980-2008
August 11, 2008 01:55 PM PDT
With the Olympic Cauldron lit for the Beijing 2008 Olympics, why not reflect over the past 28 years of Olympic related software? I take you through a brief tour, starting with the keyboard-bashing antics of the Apple ][, past the broken joysticks of the 8-bit computers, to the official IOC games for the consoles of the day. Olympic Special Playlist: Timothy W. SmithOlympic DecathlonApple ][1981Danny GloverSummer GamesCPC1984/7EpyxWinter GamesVCS1984/7Jonathan DunnDaley Thompson's Olympic ChallengeZX1281988Wally BabenSummer OlympiadST1988Wally BabenWinter Olympiad 88C641988US GoldOlympic GoldSMD1992Tim HaywoodLillehammer '94AMI1994Mark OrtizAtlanta '96SNES1996Shin'en MultimediaSalt Lake 2002GBA2002GorillazBBC Olympics Coverage 2008C64?2008 With thanks to: TACGR - http://tacgr.emuunlim.com AtariAge - www.atariage.com Project AY - www.worldofspectrum.org/projectay www.atari.st Lemon 64 - www.lemon64.com Lemon Amiga - www.lemonamiga.com http://dekku.blogspot.com G.G. EuDraco uses Applewin, WinAPE, x26, Winamp, DGen, ZSNES and Visual Boy Advance Stereo podcast, due to stereo soundchips!
Series 2: Episode 6 - POHD-FLIP 2!
August 06, 2008 12:18 PM PDT

This podflip is to highlight the errors that were made during the past five episodes, plus offer some music that couldn't make the separate episodes or couldn't reach deadline. There's also some feedback to the Childhood Memories episodes, detailing their memories.

S2E6 PlaylistGG EuDracoZX Spectrum Intro*ZXPaul Roberts (age 9)
Hey JudeCPCD. KellyVindicatorsCPCTigress MarketingDeactivatorsCPCMatthew SmithManic Miner In-GameZXMatt FurnissEscape from the Planet of MonstersAMIGateway, IncAmiga: Back for the FutureAMICinemawareRocket Ranger advertAMICommodore InternationalCommodore Amiga Promotion ReminderAMIDave LoweFormula 1 Grand PrixAMIVektor GrafixThe Empire Strikes Back (Asteroids)STLegacySharpness BuzztoneSTTraxerShadow of the Beast (hymn intro mix)-LegacySharpness Buzztone [cont.]STT. AttilaFantasy World Dizzy (In Game)C/+4T. AttilaTGMS CracktroC/+4GG EuDracoSpayz Crüzayd-
* - You will require a ZX Spectrum emulator that allows for Real-Tape
Mode, such as Klive.

With thanks to:
The Amstrad CPC Games Resource - http://tacgr.emuunlim.com/
Project AY - http://www.worldofspectrum.org/projectay/
Lemon Amiga - www.lemonamiga.com
STEem Engine - http://steem.atari.st
AY Emulator - http://bulba.untergrund.net/emulator_e.htm
Commodore Plus/4 World - http://plus4.emucamp.com/
WinAPE - http://www.winape.net/
Stereo podcast because of the stereo soundchips, plus to allow the ZX code to load!

Series 2: Episode 5 - Commodore Plus/4 and Commodore 16 [TED (Text EDitor) 2ch tone or 1ch tone + 1ch noise; 4 octave mono)
July 27, 2008 02:33 PM PDT

[Requested by Frurry from SLAYRadio IRC]
The Commodore 16 was supposed to be the successor to the VIC 20, but with the lack of a SID chip at a time when the C64 gained its fanbase, this computer was just left in the dark and died a quick death. The same for the Commodore Plus/4, which was meant to be the successor to the C64, but its only improvement was the wider colour palette.

S2E5 Playlist
Warehouse Consumer DirectCommodore Plus/4 Clearance Sale
Shaun Southern   
Formula 1Bag
Spy vs Spy 3Ian DavisonAck Ack AttackTony Kelly
Squirm S.Tamás
Jerry's QuestP.László, K.Zoltán
AtomixShaun SouthernTrailblazerDoug Turner
Icicle Works [requested by Frurry]Keith Harvey
Auto ZonePlasma Ceekay
Plasma Ceekay CracktroT.Attila, C.Zoltán
Prince of the YolkfolkDegauss/TEK
Zenith of PubertyB.ViktorLoopz+Proky
Ponk [Cracktro; SID]Censor
Ponk [In Game; SID]Bag
Bag CracktroBauknecht
ThreeveJason PerkinsMonty on the RunCensor
Ponk [In Game; TED]B.Brúnó
Tetris [Title]B.BrúnóTetris [In Game]

With thanks to:
SLAYradio IRC - EFnet > #slayradio
Commodore Plus/4 World - http://plus4.emucamp.com/
Various YouTube videos that inspired my choice of music

Mono podcast because of the mono soundchip!

Series 2: Episode 4 - Atari ST [Yamaha YM2149 3ch FM squarewave stereo + 1ch white noise mono]
July 20, 2008 05:37 PM PDT

Released three months before the Amiga, the Atari ST was supposed to gain the competitive edge. However, since off-the-shelf components were used to lower the price of the unit, the audio capabilities were significantly weaker than the opposing Amiga - it took almost five years for the ST to recover, into which it was far too late.

S2E4 Playlist

Atari, Inc.ST Commercial (Business is War) Jochen HippelWings of Death [Loader]Jochen HippelTurrican [Loader] Teque SoftwarePeter Beardsley's International Football Delta Force
ArchonJas C Brooke
StarquakeJochen Hippel
Turrican [Title]Atari, Inc.
ST Commercial (1040ST vs MacPlus)Atari, Inc.
ST Commercial (ST Mega 2 vs MacSE)John M. PhillipsNebulusJochen Hippel
Wings of Death [Level 1]Jochen Hippel
Grand Monster SlamTim Follin (and his hat!)
Ghouls'n'GhostsRichard Joseph, Nation XII
GodsJochen Hippel
Astaroth [Title]Jochen Hippel
Dragonflight [Title]Jean-Michel Jarre
Captain BloodPatrick PhelanLotus 3 [#3]Wally Beben
R-Type [Level 1]???
Martin Galway RemixSonic ProjectsDemo - Thalamusic

With thanks to:
Wherever I got those Atari ST ads from!
World of Game MODs - www.mirsoft.info/gamemods.php
Little Green Desktop - http://www.atari.st
STEem Engine - http://steem.atari.st
Thalamusic - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPKuK6Efvtk&feature=related

Stereo podcast because this is a stereo soundchip!

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