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Series 2: Episode 3 - Commodore Amiga [OCS 'Paula' 4ch 8-bit PCM]
July 12, 2008 05:10 PM PDT

Starting in 1985, the Amiga 1000 was the big 16-bit home computer that was show how Commodore wanted the future to be. With its custom graphics and sound chips, the opposition seemed to pale as the MOD file became the successor to the SID chip from its former counterpart. However, it was only until the Amiga 500 a couple of years later, did people rush out and grab this opportunity.

S2E3 Playlist

Commodore International"Only Amiga" Commercial???Turrican RemixDomarkMindbenders Side BAllister BrimbleAlien BreedAllister BrimbleProject XChris Hülsbeck, Rudolf Stember   The Secret of Monkey IslandTimothy Brian Wright, Lee WrightShadow of the Beast 2 [Game Over]Patrick PhelanLotus 3 [CD2]Patrick PhelanLotus 3 [CD3]David WhittakerLemmings 2 [Classic]Richard Joseph, Nation XIISpeedball 2Computer ChroniclesCommodore Amiga Demo - Bouncing BallRichard JosephCannon Fodder [Intro]Rob HubbardIK+ [SID]Commodore InternationalAmiga Range during 1992Patrick PhelanZoolraveKefrensDesert Dream [requested by Terl]

With thanks to:
Inspiration for Amiga episode - http://www.make-your-own-dance-and-techno-songs.com/best-amiga-game-music.html
Only Amiga- http://www.boinged.nl/old/Index.html
Mindbenders Tape - www.lemon64.com/museum/list.php?genre=weird
World of Game MODs - www.mirsoft.info/gamemods.php
Lemon Amiga - www.lemonamiga.com
Computer Chronicles - www.archive.org/details/computerchronicles
Lemon64 - www.lemon64.com
Commodore Billboard - www.commodorebillboard.de
Pouet: Desert Dream - http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=1483

Stereo podcast because this is a stereo soundchip!

Series 2: Episode 2 - Childhood Memories 2 [CPC + C64]
July 05, 2008 10:31 AM PDT
Continuing the musical delights that I planned to offer from the time when I was at a younger age, I'm setting a conclusion to the 8-bit computer music from the units I owned. Any childhood musical memories you have from the CPC or C64? I'd be happy to broadcast them at the end of series show. Email or IM me and we can arrange a song or request. S2E2 Playlist UnknownS4C Clockwork DragonJonathan DunnOcean Loader 4C64Nick JonesRampageCPCGary ThorntonThe ProdigyCPCDave RogersZynapsCPCDave RogersStormlordCPCBen DaglishTerramexCPCChris WoodNebulusCPCMelbourne HouseGyroscopeCPCActivisionStar Raiders 2CPCMind GamesMission OmegaCPCArgus PressNether EarthCPCRob HubbardMonty on the RunC64 With thanks to: CPC Museum - http://antoine.rozanski.free.fr/index.php CPC-Scene Radio - http://radio.cpcscene.com/ AY Emulator - http://bulba.untergrund.net/emulator_e.htm WinAPE - http://www.winape.net/ CCS64 - http://www.computerbrains.com/ccs64/ HVSC - http://www.hvsc.c64.org/ sub-TV - http://www.sub-tv.co.uk/schoolsmusic.asp Stereo podcast because this is a stereo soundchip!
Series 2: Episode 1 - Childhood Memories 1 [CPC + C64]
June 28, 2008 01:06 PM PDT

Finally, welcome to Series 2! I thought I'd start it off by showing off some audio highlights of my computing childhood; this time concentrating on the 8-bit computers I talked about in the last series.

Any childhood musical memories you have? Want to send comments or requests? Email the show!

S2E1 Playlist
Jonathan Dunn + Matthew CannonBurnin' RubberCPCDavid WhittakerGlider RiderCPCThe Software HouseEspionageCPCPensoft and Soft MachineAliensCPCB. CostasXybotsCPCMastertronicAmerican Turbo KingCPCAllister BrimbleDizzy Down The RapidsCPCDavid WhittakerPrince of The YolkfolkCPCCroconews PDCroco MagnetoCPCBen DaglishSwitchbladeCPCDave RogersAnarchyCPCDavid WhittakerAll Points BulletinCPCFour's FieldISSCPCFinnish GoldFIG Again (Club Light)C64DomarkCyberballCPCIMAGITECSpace CrusadeC64Markus SieboldTurrican 2C64Jonathan DunnTerminator 2C64
With thanks to:
Project AY - http://www.worldofspectrum.org/projectay/
CPC Museum - http://antoine.rozanski.free.fr/index.php
World of Spectrum - http://www.worldofspectrum.org/
Reyn Ouwehand - http://www.reyn.net
CPC-Scene Radio - http://radio.cpcscene.com/
AY Emulator - http://bulba.untergrund.net/emulator_e.htm
WinAPE - http://www.winape.net/
CCS64 - http://www.computerbrains.com/ccs64/

Stereo podcast because this is a stereo soundchip!

Series 2 of POHD-CAHST: Coming July 2008
June 15, 2008 06:24 PM PDT

As enough interest has been shown for a second series to be produced, I thought I'd send an update of what the new series will contain.

Again, I chose six episodes to complete Series 2, and the shortlist is:

Childhood Pick of the Crop [C64 + CPC; 2 episodes] - there's so many good tunes I listened to in my childhood that came from both the CPC and the C64, I had to split it into two episodes. This should compliment the stuff I made for Series 1 quite well.

Commodore Amiga vs. Atari ST - For most of the 80s and 90s, there was a powerful battle as to what 16-bit computer ruled over them all. While the Amiga was the better of the two, Atari had their own tricks up their sleeves to keep up. Each of the two episodes will concentrate on each other - from there, you can make your own conclusion.

Commodore 16/+4 (requested by Frurry) - The successor to the VIC 20, this was supposed to fill the gap in the budget computer market, but wasn't it just better to save up for the C64? We examine the acoustics of the TED chip

POHD-FLIP 2! - I make mistakes, so time for another rundown and addendum to the whole thing.

Keep updated with the RSS feed, email or IM requests and fanmail. See you in July for the first episode.

- GG EuDraco!

The April Fool
April 01, 2008 07:14 PM PDT

There was a lot of activity in the LondonFur community as a result of my April Fool's prank. Most were surprised and took it in good humour. Some had taken it as another chance to say I'm trouble. You may have noticed that I have not replied to any of the comments or entries to date, saving it for this wonderful audio reply.

For this, you will require these websites: http://ggeudraco.livejournal.com/119358.html; http://community.livejournal.com/londonfurs/74027.html ; http://rapidofrog.livejournal.com/161687.html

Sean ConranPlotting [Title]bkgJonathan DunnRobocop [Title]bkgSean ConranPlotting [In-Game]bkg???Colony [Start] Jonathan DunnPuzznicbkgBen DaglishAuf Wiedersehen Monty [Title]bkgTim FollinThe Sentinel [Secret Entry Code] ???The Human RacebkgDavid WhittakerSpeedballbkg Reyn OuwehandSLAY Radio [3min buffer] ???Impossible Mission [speech]
With thanks to:
Rapido The Slugboy, for being such a good sport throughout this - http://rapidofrog.livejournal.com
Spargue, for mostly casting a blind eye as I did my tomfoolery - http://spargue.livejournal.com
Those who defended my actions + the devil's advocates
Those who provided the whole thing with attention and activity - you are loved!

Project AY - http://www.worldofspectrum.org/projectay/
CPC Museum - http://antoine.rozanski.free.fr/index.php
Lemon64 - http://www.lemon64.com
HVSC - http://www.hvsc.c64.org/
Reyn Ouwehand - http://www.reyn.net

Mono podcast because it's mostly speech!

Pilot 4½ - POHD-FLIP!
February 09, 2008 05:50 PM PST

My pilots had a few mistakes - I decided to correct them, alongside playing some chipmusic that didn't make the final cut of the series. This also includes a parody of Reyn Ouwehand, plus a chance for me to act like a fool to keep things balanced (I'm not here to be unfair and offensive).

You know, someone sat next to me and just said 'do more podcast', and didn't follow up what they said...don't know why. Anyways, the new series will be between May and September. Keep the RSS feed in your newscatcher, and I'll keep you informed.

Email your computer or music requests for the new series, interest in the podcast or friendly comments at pohd-cahst@podomatic.com.

Episode 4½ Playlist GG EuDraco Reyn Ouwehacked Benn Daglish Auf Wiedersehen Monty [Title] bkg Stephane Picq Captain Blood [Title] bkg ZX Spectrum+ Commercial Pennsoft and Soft Machine Aliens: The Computer Game [Title] bkg Rob Hubbard IK+ [Title] bkg Tommy V. Dunbar Archon bkg Rob Hubbard Sanxion [Loader] bkg CPC Giana Sisters Loader? ZX Giana Sisters Loader? Rob Hubbard Sanxion [Loader] bkg C64 Commercial x 3 Rob Hubbard Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge [Title] bkg Unknown S.T.U.N. Runner [Title] bkg Unknown Wonderboy in Monsterland [Title] bkg ??? ??? ??? GG EuDraco Wonderboy in Monsterland [á capella]

With thanks to:
Project AY - http://www.worldofspectrum.org/projectay/
CPC Museum - http://antoine.rozanski.free.fr/index.php
Lemon64 - http://www.lemon64.com
HVSC - http://www.hvsc.c64.org/
SID Top 100 - http://www.transbyte.org/SID/HVSC_Top100.html
Reyn Ouwehand - http://www.reyn.net
The Great Giana Sisters - http://www.lemon64.com/giana/
Prices of Apple, IBM and C64 - www.kelkoo.co.uk
ZX+ Commercial found on YouTube
C64 Commercials found on YouTube, but initially sourced from Commodore Billboard - http://www.commodorebillboard.de/

Stereo podcast because this it contains a stereo soundchip and a stereo GG EuDraco at the end!

Pilot 4 - Amstrad CPC [3ch, AY-3-8912]
February 02, 2008 07:53 PM PST

Final pilot podcast, containing the final 8-bit microcomputer of my choice, the Amstrad CPC Range. This was the only unit of the three that had stereo sound - not bad for three square waves.

A short break will occur, into which I hope I gather enough interest, friends and fans of the podcast to encourage me to create more. I am more than happy to generate more content once I am free from studies later this year.

Email your computer or music requests, interest in the podcase or comments at pohd-cahst@podomatic.com . The decision on whether I should pursue this further is down to you. You can also send comments through the blog area or my multiple IM accounts - [www.theeudracos.co.uk > CONTACT]

Episode 4 Playlist GG EuDraco Open University Skit [In the Key of D] David Whittaker Tetris [Title] Jonathan Dunn + Matthew Cannon Burnin' Rubber [Best Drivers] bkg Benn Daglish Dark Fusion [Title] Benn Daglish Deflektor [Title] bkg David Whittaker Ghosts'n'Goblins [Title] Unknown Ghostbusters [Karaoke] bkg Kangaroo Arkanoid 3 remix David Whittaker Trantor The Last Stormtrooper [Title] David Whittaker Golden Axe [Level 1] bkg Rob Hubbard Shockway Rider Rob Hubbard Saboteur 2 [Title] Paul Murray Barbarian bkg David Whittaker OutRun [Magical Sound Shower] GX4000 Commercial Christian Lier Prehistorik bkg Christian Lier Prehistorik 2 [Title - CPC+] David Whittaker Spitting Image [End] bkg Unknown Rygar [High Score] bkg Targhan DemoIzArt [Intro] Tim Follin (and his Hat!) Agent X2: The Mad Prof's Back! GG EuDraco Channel 4 Skit [in the Key of E]

With thanks to:
Project AY - http://www.worldofspectrum.org/projectay/
CPC Museum - http://antoine.rozanski.free.fr/index.php
Wikipedia Entry - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Instrument_AY-3-8910
Kangaroo - http://www.kangaroo.cmo.de/index.php?id=8&L=6
CPC Wiki - http://www.cpcwiki.com/index.php/Main_Page
DemoIzArt - http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=16451

Stereo podcast because this is a stereo soundchip!

Pilot 3 - Commodore 64 [3ch, SID6581/8580]
January 27, 2008 06:00 PM PST

Third pilot podcast with a different method of speech than last time, this time with the good old C64 and its SID chip.

The final pilot will be on the Amstrad CPC - requests and suggestions on improvement are welcome; pohd-cahst@podomatic.com . After this, the decision whether to pursue this any further will be made.

...and yes, I mispronounced 'baud', 'ouwehand' as well as probably most of the words.

Episode 3 Playlist Mark Cooksey Elite Loader 1.07 100 Wally Beben Tetris 9.09 bkg 65 Tim and Geoff Follin Gauntlet III 2.16 52 Jeroen Tel/Maniacs of Noise Supremacy 3.51 bkg MPAA Public Service Announcement 1.00 40 Martin Galway Yie Ar Kung Fu II 3.23 Barry Leitch R-Type Prototype 2.00 bkg 25 Chris Hulsbeck/Ramiro Vaca R-Type 2.11 22 Martin Galway Green Beret 3.49 18 Chris Hulsbeck The Great Giana Sisters 3.45 12 Matt Grey The Last Ninja 2 3.00 bkg Reyn Ouwehand Last Ninja Remix 5.31 Rob Hubbard Delta 1.00 bkg Makke Artura (Dublin Delight Mix) feat. Andreas Wallstrom 2.18 Original Composer: Ben Daglish 256byteram (Youtube) Still Alive (SID version) 2.46 Original Composer: Jonathan Coulton With thanks to:
HVSC - http://www.hvsc.c64.org/
Wikipedia Entry - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SID6581
SID Top 100 - http://www.transbyte.org/SID/HVSC_Top100.html
Lemon64 - http://www.lemon64.com/
Reyn Ouwehand - http://www.reyn.net
The Great Giana Sisters - http://www.lemon64.com/giana/
Makke on Remix64 - http://www.remix64.com/member_makke.html
'Still Alive' performed with a SID - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=yLS35kyYlOU

Stereo podcast mixed to mono to save bandwidth and filesize + mono 3ch soundchip.

Pilot 2 - Sinclair ZX Spectrum [1ch, beeper]
January 22, 2008 03:05 AM PST

Second pilot podcast with an altered aim. I decided to broadcast my interest in the varied types of computer game music available, starting with one of the most simple, yet memorable - the ZX Spectrum's single piezo beeper!

Episode 2 Playlist

Alberto Gonzalez The Light Corridor [Main Theme] 1.25 bkg

Unknown Zorro [Title] 0.30
Nick Jones Solomon's Key [Title] 0.22
Pennsoft and Soft Machine Aliens: The Computer Game [Title] 1.17
Unknown Colony [Title] 0.58

Jonathan Dunn Chase HQ [Ending] 1.04 bkg Andy Mills Ano Gaia [Title] 1.12

Nick Jones Stainless Steel [Title] 1.10 bkg Tim Follin Agent X 2 The Mad Prof's Back [Title] 0.20 exc Benn Daglish Deflektor [Title] 0.20 exc Martin Galway Cobra [Title] 0.20 exc David Whittaker Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper [Title] 0.19 exc David Whittaker BraveStarr [Title] 1.00 bkg Tim Follin The Sentinel [Transfer] 0.04 sfx David Whittaker ATV Simulator + Hades Nebula [Titles]

Richard Joseph The Sacred Armour of Antiriad [Title] 1.20

Matthew Smith Manic Miner [In-Game] 0.41 bkg Matthew Smith Manic Miner [Title] 0.22
Unknown - Activision Ghostbusters [Intro] 1.00 exc Unknown - Electric Dreams The Prodigy [Title/Pause] 0.59

Unknown - Hewson Techician Ted [Title] 1.06 bkg Tim Follin Future Games [Title] 2.38
Tim Follin Chronos [Title] 3.07
ZX Spectrum Orchestra Dollar Power 3.15

With thanks to:
Project AY - http://www.worldofspectrum.org/projectay/
World of Spectrum - http://www.worldofspectrum.org/
Wikipedia Entry - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZX_Spectrum
ZX Spectrum Orchestra - http://www.warmcircuit.com/web/artist.php?artist_id=2

Stereo podcast mixed to mono to save bandwidth and filesize + mono 1ch beeper...best played at 1.2x speed!? I must hate my voice that much...

Pilot 1 - How to make a Podcast
January 22, 2008 12:58 AM PST

This was generally the first podcast I created under the POHD-CAHST name, with the aim that interested people would email questions and I would answer them to the best of my ability for the 15 minutes each episode contained. Generally a way to show off my trivial knowledge.

This was to be a good taster, and myself explaining how to produce a podcast from the resources available at time of recording.

Intro/Outro: Dilvie - Insomnia [http://www.dilvie.com]

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