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Series 3 of POHD-CAHST: Coming April 2010
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Publish-date-icon March 18, 2010
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I gauge from the fact that my podcast has gone over the monthly quota for the first time, that I have quite a lot of interest. Let me explain what Series 3 will contain:

Halloween Podcast [already published] - The concept of ghosts, horror and thrilling scary plots has been common throughout the history of video games. I offer a small mix of the history of video game music from the Atari VCS to the PS2 [which still has elements of MOD/MIDI within its advanced chipset].

Commodore VIC 20 [VIC6560] - "The computer of the 1980s" was one of the first chances for a normal family to get into the world of computers. With a simplistic graphical capability and a basic sound generator, this system is a worthy challenge for various chipmusic composers, and submissions are still sent to this day to push the limits of the 3.5kb unexpanded unit.

Sega Master System [TI SN76489] - Sega's first venture into the console world outside of Japan was the lesser of the two 8-bit consoles that dominated the 80s and early 90s. It didn't help that the system outside of Japan was packed without the FM synthesis chip that placed it on a par with its successor...

Sega Mega Drive [YM2612] - Not only did it contain the combination of FM synthesis and traditional square-wave audio, but it was the last console to use the formerly dominant Z80 CPU [used as a sound controller]. The music worked exteremly well, with many popular tunes still in modern culture today. However, don't use it to sample raw audio *ack!*

POHD-FLIP 3! - I make mistakes, so time for another rundown and addendum to the whole thing.

Keep updated with the RSS feed, email or IM requests and fanmail. See you in April for the first second episode.

- GG EuDraco!

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