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Series 3: Episode 2 - Commodore VIC 20 [VIC (MOS6560) 3ch square + ...
Time-length-icon 31m 9s
Publish-date-icon April 25, 2010
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The VIC 20 launched the concept of the home microcomputer by offering them a cheap box of plastic that connected to the TV, made pretty sounds and drew pretty pictures. With time, they'd learn the BASIC programming language, then get into Assembler, and then the whole world became better bedroom programmers. The adults would hook up to the bulletin boards and business servers, doing real-time sharedealing, budgeting and running the world using acoustic coupler equipment.

Then the Commodore 64 came along a year later, and the VIC 20 was obsolete, with Quantum Link was the replacement for the working stuff. Meanwhile, in the UK, there was a battle going on over what computer the BBC would choose for its Computer Literacy Project.

S3E2 Playlist

  VIC 20 'Interview' Commercial   Mermaid/Creators Giana Sisters   Mermaid/Creators Monty on the Run Highscore bkg Mermaid/Creators Last Ninja 2 (One of the levels)   TLR Datapop bkg 4MAT/ORB Orbtraxx Track 1   4MAT/ORB Orbtraxx Track 4   4MAT/ORB Orbtraxx Track 7 bkg 4MAT/ORB Orbtraxx Track 0 bkg   Games Unlimited VIC 20 Commercial     William Shatner VIC 20 Commercial     VIC 20 'Controls' Commercial     VIC 20 'College' Commercial   Atarisoft Ms Pac-Man   Atarisoft Pole Position   Atarisoft Donkey Kong   Bally Midway Omega Race     ???? bkg Anders Persson Tribbles 8K   PWP Future 1999   PWP Robotic Warrior   PWP Robotic Liberation   System IIII Realms of Quest III (That Bach thing) bkg System IIII Realms of Quest III (Moonlight Sonata) bkg Commodore VIC Rat Race bkg Daniel Kahlin & Andreas Ersson Machine (VIC-Tracker + Modern Synth)   Glen Richards Frogger '07  

With thanks to:
Various YouTube videos that inspired my choice of music
Pouet - www.pouet.net
VIC Tracker - http://www.kahlin.net/daniel/victracker/

Stereo podcast because of the mono soundchip, but the stereo VIC-Tracker!

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