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POHD-CAHST! Christmas Special [1959-2009]
Time-length-icon 32m 42s
Publish-date-icon December 8, 2010
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This Master System episode is taking far too long to produce >.< So, as some form of compensation, I am going to offer you an episode connected to Christmas. This is something that I've been meaning to do for some time. Christmas is well known in Video Game Land, and there have been plenty of quick cash-ins to take advantage of a game that you'd pay full-price for, but never play 11 months out of 12.

Spanning 50 years of chipmusic, I hope to offer some nice music to set up your festives.

The PodOMatic version is abridged - an extended version [with an extra 11mins of footage, plus better quality] is available on: http://www.simbaspaws.org/ggeudraco/POHD-CAHST/POHD-CAHST-Christmas128k.mp3 . This 128kps version will only be available for a short time, then it'll be reduced to 64kps.

  Kenner Milkie the Milking Cow Commercial - stblRudM-4I   American Toys Dick Tracy Raygun Commercial - 1k5Xs5LBXGI   Icon Software Merry Xmas Santa ZX     Wayne Eastwood Commodore 64 Christmas Album C64   * ???? O Tannenbaum BBC iQjHvM8pZ6U   TeddyWareZ XMAS 2003: Snowfall Demo MSX2 f81L5tNXOyk   ???? VIC 20 Christmas Demo VIC20 FQFozl_Bnt0 * K. Kondo, H. Shimizu Super Mario 64 - Snow Mountain N64 kI8jT7LmoNA   ???? Home Alone GG V6FuCGlRc3E   Janet Norman I've Got a Secret - Bendix G15 music demo G15 DJolOHBikQY   Carampuc Merry Christmas Demo AD1989 XL G4IMVgGt0WE   Richard Joseph James Pond 2 - Intro Theme AMI dOFvxcfDEJo   ???? Die Hard - Ode to Joy PCE 103BrqXAjVk   ???? Jingle Bells Type-In CC3 8r8VJkKSzN0 * Spectral Associates CoCo3 Christmas Demo CC3 VUJWtyaS55w * Sega Master System Christmas - 8Y3f9PsmQBQ * Atari ET Christmas - rEa86gwM2Ko * Radio Shack Tandy CoCo3 Christmas - a3dtQ01MFlg * Pepsi Nintendo Christmas Game - -owoUqLkxbw * Spectral Associates CoCo3 Christmas Demo CC3 VUJWtyaS55w   Sonic Team Chrismas NiGHTS - Gillwing's Christmas Theme SAT ro-3H_9QJUY   The Gimmer Brothers Santa's Xmas Caper CPC     AtariAge Stella's Stocking Medley VCS   * Robert A. Allen, Joshua Jensen Jazz Jackrabbit (Holiday Hare 1995) - Holidaius Day PC 4axQL47J4Oc   Psygnosis Christmas Lemmings (1991) PC     MJJ/Sonic Team Sonic 3 - Ice Cap Zone SMD     Soichi Terada, Keiichi Nishimoto, Koichi Yamazaki Ape Escape - Snow Mountain PSX mccPJd4SLCI   Buena Vista Interactive Nightmare Before Christmas: Pumpkin King - Credits GBA     Hitoshi Sakimoto, Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Snow Dancing in the Schoolyard GBA   <!--[if supportMisalignedColumns]-->           <!--[endif]-->

YouTube codes on the right of the table!
Sid Oakvalley - www.6581-8580.com
Pouet - www.pouet.net
AtariAge - www.atariage.com
DOSBox - www.dosbox.com
TACGR - tacgr.emuunlim.com
Lemmings Universe - www.lemmingsuniverse.net

Stereo podcast, due to stereo soundchips!

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