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Series 3: Episode 3 - Sega Master System [TI SN76489; 3ch square + ...
Time-length-icon 37m 50s
Publish-date-icon October 23, 2011
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Finally, I can release the Master System episode!

Released in the mid-80s, the Sega Master System was a modest failure in Japan and the US, yet managed to last a decent nine years in Europe - all because of the right software, the right distribution method and the lack of a Nintendo monopoly in video game technology. The soundchip used was a modest 3-channel chip, with Japan using an additional chip to create the best music, but I'll still try and please you all with the best all three countries had to offer.

SG-1000 adverts - Sega of Japan
Hidden Track - Hang On - Sega
Title - Space Harrier [TI] - Hiroshi Miyauchi and Tokuhiko 'Bo' Uwabo
Main Theme - Space Harrier [TI] - Hiroshi Miyauchi and Tokuhiko 'Bo' Uwabo
Underwater - Alex Kidd in Miracle World - Tokuhiko Uwabo
Galaxy Zone - Astro Warrior - Sega
Main Theme - Bubble Bobble - Taito
Game Over - The Flash - Jeroen Tel
Title Screen - Bomber Raid - Sega
Master System advert - Sega of Japan
Phantasy Star advert - Sega of Japan
Master System advert - Sega of America ["The ultimate video game"]
US Toys'R'Us Master System advert [Geoffery has a stroke]
Master System advert - Sega of America ["Some game sound exaggerated"]
Hidden Level - James Pond II - Richard Joseph
Scrap Brain Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog - Yuzo Koshiro
French Master System advert
Title Screen - The Flash - Jeroen Tel
Title Screen - Cosmic Spacehead - Allister Brimble and Lyndon Sharp
Title Screen - Alien3 - Matt Furniss
UK Toys'R'Us Master System advert
Last Wave - Outrun 3-D [FM] - Hiroshi Miyauchi
R-Type FM - Irem
Main Theme/Mark III BIOS - Space Harrier [FM] - Hiroshi Miyauchi and Tokuhiko Uwabo
Eye of Motabia - Phantasy Star - Sega [Many thanks to Kohina for this]
Africa - The Smurfs Travel The World - Infogrames
All I Want [Crazy Taxi] - Crazy Taxi SMS remix - Otobeya + Offspring
Title - Sega Chess - Matt Furniss

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jva4hKxA8Bg - Astro Warrior, Hang On
http://www.youtube.com/user/otobeya#p/u/47/Bl8YPJ993oI - All I Want
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voI64M02yhU - Bubble Bobble
Space Harrier* [BIOS]: 2ZQjiHKhQg0
Japan adverts: iImQcL5Vs-g, HXKrEqhUuaA, wtZ22wXPR0g
US advert: LQ7av32L4bc, 7lJw3MlaUmo, zPNMfUdvGvE
Europe adverts: X2G3cDfPM3E, yBn6nZzV7II, g3t3dxCZ5Do
FM vs non-FM: zWc9DxgbnT4

Thanks to http://www.smspower.org/Music/Index !

Despite me saying that it was a stereo chip, it's actually mono - sorry >.<

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